Export Licensing Services

Need help understanding the export license requirements for your products or services? You've come to the right place.

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Export Licenses

Exporting under Department of State of Department of Commerce licenses is a way of life for companies in certain industries and markets. Other companies only rarely require a license to export their products or to employ foreign persons. Still others are not really sure if and when they require a license. Regardless of your companies licensing experience, Compliance Assurance can put its years of experience to work for you in making licensing determinations, applying for Department of Commerce and OFAC licenses or preparing Department of State license applications.

Compliance Assurance uses top tier license determination software, combined with the expertise of its consultants and government agency contacts, to quickly and efficiently get you the licensing answers you demand.

Often the fastest path to export is not a license at all but the use of a qualified license exception or exemption. However, the use of license exceptions / exemptions has serious implications for the exporter as the person making the determination is essentially putting themselves in the role of the government agency licensing officer. License exceptions should never be used unless the exporter is assuredly familiar with all of the conditions and restrictions associated with the general and specific license exceptions.

Client Benefits:

  • Faster turnaround time on licensing determinations and applications
  • Eliminate licensing lead time through the use of qualified license exceptions and exemptions
  • Eliminate fines, penalties and negative publicity associated with licensing violations

Don’t second guess your licensing decisions. Get real answers fast. Whether you have dozens or license requests a week or only one a year, Compliance Assurance can help assure you that you are capitalizing on every export opportunity you encounter your compliance with U.S. laws and regulations on every export transaction.

ITAR Agreements

The export of defense articles and provision of defense services may require the use of an Agreement approved by the Director of the Office of Defense Trade Controls Licensing (DTCL). An agreement is generally required for a U.S. person to provide defense services or manufacturing know-how to a foreign person, or to establish an overseas distribution center for U.S. origin defense articles for subsequent distribution abroad.

Compliance Assurance can assist in the preparation of new agreement packages, statements of work, licenses in furtherance of agreements and amendments to existing agreements.

Client Benefits:

  • Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA) preparation and amendments
  • Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA) preparation and amendments
  • Warehouse and Distribution Agreement (WDA) preparation and amendments

We realize that you are in the business to manufacture and distribute your products and may not have the resources and expertise in-house to draft your own agreements. Let Compliance Assurance handle the time-consuming intricacies of your Department of State agreements so you can focus on your customers and your bottom line.